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The Re-Launch of Coir Mat.com

Rubber-Cal Inc. is proud to announce the re-launch of our brand in the Rubber-Cal family: CoirMat.com. This original brand is dedicated entirely to our line of eco-friendly door entryway products such as home doormats, commercial entrance mats, and entryway runners. These products are made using sustainable and environmentally conscious materials such as coir fiber and reclaimed rubber. Coir Mat.com aims to provide the most cost-effective and high quality doormat products for homes and businesses across the United States.

The website for Coir Mat.com is made with responsive web design in mind. This means that our website will be easy to access through a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Given the fact that mobile e-commerce makes up at least 30% of all sales in the United States, we want consumers, shopping for door mats and runner mats, to have easy access to us no matter what device they have.

Coir Mat.com inventories a large volume of entryway products. Examples of these in-demand products include coir door mats, rubber cast-iron doormats, boot scraper mats, rubber drainage mats, and outdoor runners. These products are designed with specific features in mind, such as slip-resistance, floor protection, dirt scraping, and moisture drainage. There is always a need for these entryway products regardless of whether the setting is residential or commercial. Coir Mat.com will be the go-to source for consumers who have a need for doormats.

Coir Mat.com places paramount importance in providing products that are made with eco-friendly materials and wants to help consumers reduce their overall carbon footprint on this planet. This philosophy of environmental responsibility is very important to all Rubber-Cal brands. The vast majority of the products available on this doormat sotre are made with materials that are “Green” and eco-conscious. We make extensive use of natural coir fibers, natural rubber, and reclaimed rubber in our doormats. The use of these materials is not only good for the planet’s well being, but it is also a benefit to the end user’s budget because entry mats made from natural and reclaimed materials are more cost-effective on the whole. It is for these reasons that Coir Mat.com is proud to stock an eco-friendly inventory for consumers throughout the country.

We invite you to browse our inventory of doormat products. If you have any questions regarding our products or shipping policies, please contact a representative today.

New Distribution Center in Ontario, CA

We are proud to announce the opening of a new distribution center in Ontario, California. This new location marks a significant expansion of Rubber-Cal’s national reach. It is great news for Coir Mat.com customers in particular because a significant portion of our inventory will be stored in Ontario. The company’s headquarters will still remain in Santa Ana, California.

Ontario was chosen because of the distinct advantages its location brings to the table. Located close to an hour away from Santa Ana between the 15 and 60 freeways, Ontario is a central transportation hub in California. It sees regular mass freight traffic on a daily basis between the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Much of the cargo from these ports makes its way through Ontario while in transit to the rest of the United States.

The warehouse site gives us an increased amount of square footage to store inventory, such as the products seen on Coir Mat.com. The location is also conveniently situated next to the LA/Ontario International Airport, estimated to be among the top 20 busiest airports in the world. Both Fedex and UPS, two of the nation’s largest couriers, have locations at the LA/Ontario airport. Having these big name courier services next door to us is a great advantage for shipping efficiency.

The distribution center in Ontario is ideally located to send Coir Mat.com’s ready-to-ship products to customers across the country. Since it is entirely dedicated to the fulfillment and shipment of orders, we will have daily calls by ground and freight carriers. This will help Coir Mat.com, and Rubber-Cal by extension, to fulfill customer orders within a 24 hour time period for in-stock products.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Coir Mat.com specializes in doormats for home and commercial use. They are made with eco-friendly materials such as natural coir fibers and reclaimed rubber. Our biggest advantage is the sheer diversity of the doormats in our inventory. They are designed with different tastes and personalities in mind. Whether you want a doormat that is simple yet elegant or reflective of a unique sense of humor, we welcome you to look through our catalog to find the perfect fit for your home. Some popular types of doormats we have available are:

Animal Doormats: We are a nation of animal lovers. Cats and dogs are an important part of life for many people; they are part of the family. We have a variety of doormats featuring fun designs of our furry friends. If you want a doormat that tells people you have a dog in the house, or simply a mat that says “Welcome” with a cute cat next to it, take a look at our animal mats to find the right one for your home.

Fleur-de-Lis Doormats: Designed with European-style elegance in mind, these doormats share a fleur-de-lis design motif. The fleur-de-lis is one of the most recognizable and influential symbols in the world. A stylistic representation of the lily, the fleur is synonymous with regal elegance and can add a touch of sophistication to any home’s entryway.

Coastal Doormats: If you live in or near a beach in a coastal area, our coastal themed doormats are the perfect complement to your seaside surroundings. These coir doormats are designed with aquatic themes such as beaches and lighthouses. They are painted with coastal colors such as blue and white, evoking memories of the beach even if you do not live next to one.


Cast Iron Doormats: Cast iron designs have been popular since the mid 1800’s when they were first originated. The design style is made up of elegant geometric patterns and was often used for metal fixtures such as gates and windows. Our cast-iron doormats take that original style and put it in the form of reclaimed rubber doormats. These attractive and eco-friendly doormats are ideally suited for outdoor use in front of a home entrance.

Recently in the Media

Our parent company, Rubber-Cal Inc, has made many appearances in the media. Rubber-Cal is a leading source for rubber mats and there is a demand for these products in the entertainment industry. We have a significant presence in shows that relate to fitness, DIY projects, and home improvement. Over the past several years, Rubber-Cal has provided rubber matting products to big name TV shows such as “The Biggest Loser”, “The Martha Stewart Show”, “Save Our Shelters”, and most recently on Jillian Michaels’ “Sweat Inc.” Below are just a few examples of the many media appearances by Rubber-Cal.

The Biggest Loser: Rubber-Cal has appeared on “The Biggest Loser” for several seasons since 2008. The show has made use of two very popular rubber flooring products, the “Eco-Sport” interlocking tiles and the “Zcycle” rubber flooring rolls. The fitness sector is a big market for Rubber-Cal because our products have the durability to last in physically demanding environments like gyms. You can see our products used on their sets for seasons 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Sweat Inc: Rubber-Cal’s “Diamond-Plate” rubber flooring was recently used as gym flooring for the new television show “Sweat Inc.” This show marked fitness personality Jillian Michaels’ return to the world of reality TV. This rugged rubber flooring roll provided the stage for the contestants to compete with each other to win Jillian’s approval for their original workout routines.

DIY Grounds for Improvement: Rubber-Cal’s “Eco-Sport” tiles are a perfect flooring option in case you are looking to renovate your outdoor patio. In 2008, “DIY Grounds for Improvement” used our Eco-Safety tiles as an eco-friendly and cost-effective floor for a lucky couple’s new patio. Available in an outdoor friendly terra cotta color, see how these rubber tiles can improve your home living spaces.

The Martha Stewart Show: Martha Stewart used our “Horse Stall Mats” on the set of her 2013 episode about Iceland. These rubber mats are specifically designed for use by large animals such as horses. The episode featured Martha herself riding an Icelandic pony riding out on stage with our durable rubber equine mats under them.

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